Securing integrity for enterprises through discovery, technology, and governance is what Host Integrity Systems does. Host Integrity Systems works to ensure and educate compliance to domestic and international data privacy issues; performs risk management for identification and categorization of information assets; and optimizes workflow and governance based on category and priority ensuring the company’s most critical assets are handled first resulting in compliance and overall integrity to the business system.

Discovery – Host Integrity Systems Professional Services analyzes a company’s information asset infrastructure, security management, event management, log management, current workflow processes, policies and compliance to provide an assessment back to the company with actionable recommendations. Working with the company’s IT and security people, Host Integrity Systems, can provide expertise and project management to ensure recommendations are implemented throughout the division and/or company to promote compliance and integrity.

Technology Integration – Keeping to a company’s investments in security and alert management software and systems, Host Integrity Systems’ remediation and escalation management system, called Unitas™, integrates to your existing technology to unite these separate systems to provide a close-loop system to better optimize your people resources and to focus on those assets with the

highest priority and importance to your business. We currently integrate to security, risk management and vulnerability management systems like Qualys, www.qualys.com, log management systems like LogLogic, www.loglogic.com, and threat intelligence systems like VeriSign, www.verisign.com.

Click to view our recent presentation at the 2010 IANS Conference. The presentation is available in PDF presentation format: 2010 IANS Template_Briefing

New customer case study from SourceFire featuring Host Integrity Systems titled “Nokia Siemens Networks: Creating Actionable Security Intelligence in a Global Infrastructure”: Case Study in PDF.

Host Integrity Systems’ Unitas™ platform is available as product for purchase or Software as a Service (SaaS) model.